Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Because Ikea wasn't enough for her

Secret: Recently I've been feeling particularly vulnerable/single and thus have been curtailing my blog viewing as a way of incubating myself from all the Internet gloss that most days seems so unattainable. That's why you must understand that it was totally by accident that I stumbled onto The Swede Records. I honestly thought it was going to be a blog about about indie Norwegian rock bands or something equally obscure. But of course it's not. It's totally another blog about a totally cute girl (Jenny May) and her totally amazing marriage to her totally cute (and very Swedish) husband.

**It's worth mentioning that I totally have a thing for the Swedes too. But really what girl doesn't like a tall, friendly,blond haired, blue eyed man? I've only dated one and now he's happily married and living in France while playing for the national lacrosse team. His life may sound idyllic but I'm sure he's totally misses me too. :/

Anyhoo, like she could feel my insecure eyes lurking, yesterday Jenny May posted this lil' surprise:

"This is what I came home to last night after my spin class..."

I get it Jenny May, your life is happier/prettier/better than mine!!! Not only do you have a totally thoughtful/perfect husband, you're also going to exercise classes at night!!! Thanks to you and your flickering lights, I now really regret letting my Swede (and every other man I've ever dated) go. Maybe if I had stuck with one of them, I wouldn't have spent my Monday night drowning my sorrows in an extra large bottle of Hefeweizen and then somehow losing my blackberry. I swear the two activities were unrelated.

But please Jenny May, don't mind me. Go back to your beautiful Nordic love making. I'll just be over here creating my profile on and cutting myself.