Friday, December 3, 2010

A little trip down memory lane

The other week I went to a party at my friends house in Mt. Washington. As I drove up the hill on San Rafael Drive I had a major case of déjà vu. Except then I realized it was real because for a brief two years of my life from age 4-6, I lived on that street!!! It was the first house my parents ever bought.

My memories are vague. I have a few photos of the front but the only details that really stick out in my mind was that our next door neighbor had 15 dogs and there was an amazing play house in the backyard that I loved. Not surprisingly neither of these facts helped me locate the residence twenty five years later.

I mentioned this discovery to both of my parents hoping that at least one of them would be able to recall the address of our first home. Sadly both have about the same lack of memory as I do. Neither could even tell me a cross street. I was disappointed but let it go... because I'm an adult and that is what adults do. They move on. (Pun intended.) That is until I saw this video from Young House Love:

Remembering Clara's First House from Young House Love on Vimeo.

How freakin' cute/sweet is that? Now I know it's irrational to wish my parents had made a movie about the memories of every room of that first house of ours. I'm not stupid, I know making films now is much easier than it was in the 80's. But you guys, my parents met as filmmakers! They lived in Los Angeles and were film editors by trade! Not only did they never take the initiative to thoroughly document our home for me (and the whole Internet) to see, now they can't even be bothered to remember the darn address??!!! Really, is the address really too much to ask?! It's not like I'm crazy and resenting them for not documenting every week of my life like these perfect parents! Why do baby Clara's parents love her more than mine do?

Clara's Weekly Photo from Young House Love on Vimeo.

Just FYI, if anyone would like to wish me a happy 1,578th week of life, it would really make my day.


  1. Happy Happy. I will take a polaroid of you tomorrow when you are a day older. that will be vintage and special.

  2. Lydia, you will be a terrific mother one day.

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  4. I just realized for the house tour that these people WROTE SCRIPTS and memorized them, instead of just walking through and talking. They may be psychotic, but the sentiment is sweet.

  5. I find it mildly disturbing that they call their dog Clara's "brother". Also, they named their dog Burger. I guess don't really judge people who call their pets their children but somehow this takes it to an all new level of weird for me...

  6. you will be a great mum :)


  7. Clara is going to be more annoyed with her parents than you are now when she's grown--I guarantee!

  8. lovely post and happy birthdy xxxx