Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Post Thanksgiving Pooch

Last night I ate dinner with my mother at Hipster Paradise aka Pho Cafe in Silverlake. And while eating out anywhere with the woman who produced me can be embarrassing, last night I felt a little cringe worthy as well. I blame the bright red Banana Republic sweater I was wearing and the dinner roll I was carrying around my midsection. How can I be eastside cool after spending 6 days in Denver eating Pub Mix, seeing PG 13 movies with teenagers (Morning Glory!, Harry Potter!!) and playing endless games of Dora the Explorer with a three year old? It was culture shock indeed. But you know what might get me back into Los Angeles starvation diet mode? Giving up the large bowls of noodles and the continual perusal of this blog.

Quick someone hand me a Kombucha.
Or meet me for coffee and American Spirits at Intelligentsia.

Or play some bootleg Thom Yorke while we stare at candles.

Hell, can you at least have the decency to mistakenly offer me a twenty for a handjob outside of 4100?With your help and hers, I know I can do this city proud.


  1. Man. There are SO many of these blogs. And by SO many, I mean more than ONE.

  2. Your captions are witty and gave me an idea: I think you should do a post with mocking photos of you in all of the stereotypical outfits, scenarios, and poses--and see whether anyone notices that it's satire. (You'll have to do some research to find the most often used material, etc.) Maybe you'll actually just attract a new, better, more "introspective" (self-centered) fan base. Let me know if you want to have an impromptu meaningful-meaningless shoot.

  3. Love that she call the lacy back look good for work from the front. What kind of work? I kind of dig the jeans outfit though (sorry!)