Thursday, February 10, 2011

Why wasn't I invited?

Have you ever logged onto Facebook and seen pictures of a bunch of your friends at a party you definitely weren't invited to and didn't even know about? Suddenly you're pouring over the images, obsessively tallying which of your acquaintances were there, what amazing outfits they were wearing and then coming up with terrible scenarios of why you weren't invited. Then the next time you see them you casually mention the party hoping for more details but they play it off like it was no big thing... even though you all know it was THE BEST PARTY of the year and it's super pathetic that you weren't invited.

Well that's exactly how I felt today when I logged onto the the blogs and saw that a whole slew of my daily reads were at an exclusive unveiling party for Anthropologie's new wedding line BHLDN. Not only are they cool girls, with cool clothes, great hair and the ability to create/eat an endless variety of cute snack foods, they also got to go to this super cool party thrown by every girl's favorite retailer!!!

They ate fancy lady desserts!

And drank champers with dresses!

And got a private runway show!

And were surrounded by these thingies!

I'm going to try to play it cool but I know it's going to be a little awk next time I leave a comment on their blogs.


  1. I heard your headgear lacked sufficient whimsy. You may now crawl back into your cave and die alone, in shame.

  2. Let's be friends.