Friday, February 18, 2011

It's Friday night, do you know where your brain is?

So you probably think that reading girly blogs is a fun, harmless way to waste a few hours at work. Just a little junk food for the brain, nothing more. Well I'm sorry to burst the beautiful bubble, but today I had a scary revaluation... America is no longer home of the free. Our brains are being taken over... one blog post at a time.

In the beginning I too thought this blog stuff was all fun and games. It's no secret that I've been ashamed of my daily unwashed hair/yoga pant daily dress code and after spending too many hours staring at pictures of cute outfits, I'd decided to amend my sloppy ways. I've become a big girl who gets dressed in real clothes before running out to do errands. Today I even managed an accessory. An accessory I thought I was wearing for me... Oh, how wrong I was.

So there I am, ridiculous chunky scarf tied around my neck, when I decide to stroll over to CVS to pick up a tube of the lipstick. Now sure, Sweatercups was wearing it yesterday but I've been coveting coral lips for a while, unsure of what colors are actually coral out of the tube. I was happy that someone had finally told me what color to buy and that it would only set me back a few bucks. Much to my chagrin, CVS was out of the glorious Blase Apricot! All the other colors were neatly stacked but there was no blasted Blase! Knowing that my east side CVS is never thoroughly stocked, I was disappointed but told myself to move on, I had grocery shopping to do.

Oh yeah, I should mention that I'm making soup tonight. Sweatercups endorsed soup to be exact. Now in my defense again, I had been on Martha Stewart yesterday debating soups and thinking about how good sausage and kale soup would be. But if I'm really going to be honest, my mind wasn't made up until Sweater's recommendation. Boy was I surprised when I got to the produce isle of Ralph's and saw the gaping hole where the kale used to be. It was just like the lipstick, the surrounding chard and collard greens were plentiful but the kale bin was bare. Friends, I have never seen this. There has always been kale at the Ralph's. There's no other answer...

Sweatercups is taking over my brain and maybe even yours. What's next our mother's? Our (unborn) children? The world.??!!

I'm serious.

But keep this on the DL. We don't want any more executives finding out about her powers. Not only did she make a Coach bag, get to see the BHDLN line before any of us; now she's trying to sell us Madewell too. Resistance is not futile. We cannot keep giving in!!!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to make some graham crackers.. from scratch. Because they really are that much better.


  1. I finally checked out SweaterCups's feature in Apartment Therapy's House Tours. What kind of home has NO art? Boring.

  2. The kind of home that proudly displays tinsel on the wall.