Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just another beautiful blogger!

Which came first? The model or the blog? It's honestly getting harder and harder to tell these days. I'm totally late to the party but a fun friend just introduced me to the exotic beauty that is fashiontoast.

Not only is this girl Blogger of the Year, she's going to hot fashion parties, has actual model representation and was sent free clothes* to be part of the new Rag and Bone ad campaign. Have you seen this ad spread yet? Basically they sent clothes to pretty people with blogs, aka "models," in the hopes that they would take cool pictures of themselves and give the brand more real world approachability.

Do companies like Rag and Bone think they're pulling one over on us? It's very clear that none of the people featured are "regular folks." R&B, I have news for you, just because the Toaster can pose with a cardigan on a counter or effortlessly done floppy felt hat, I'm not about to attempt either. Just look at her model-ish thighs, they are skinny enough to pull off anything!!!!

*Similarly yesterday at the Bagel Broker I was offered a free dessert. Of course this gratis gift was probably more related to the fact that I was the only non wig/hat wearing female in the place (take that Rag & Bone!!!), and less to do with my beauty or certainly my blog.

**Please also note that I am aware that eating at said establishment is probably not doing my thighs or potential modeling careers any favors... But after consuming that slutty chocolate strudel, I'm pretty ok with that.


  1. Those 'in' the 'know' call it "Rag and Boner", um, yeah, want to talk about Franco hosting the Oscars before it happens??? You can totally moderate this comment and I won't be offended. :Peace

  2. I would never moderate the genius that is "Rag and Boner."

  3. What's up with photo number 1?