Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Everything is fabulous when you're French!

Ok so if you're cutting yourself looking at SweaterCups, you're probably going to pour acid in your face when you see The Cherry Blossom Girl aka CheBleu. Not only is everything she wears big league designers (YSL, Mar Jacobs, Chanel), she also lives in Paris and is only "just out of fashion school." When I graduated college I wore black polyester pants and worked at CPK, but this isn't about me.

CheBleu called this photo shoot "I'll be your mirror."

Oh mon petite chou, how I wish you could be. But alas, when I gaze into my reflection I am reminded that the front of my head has a colic that keeps me from possessing such fabulous, thick bangs. And that Muleberry bag, while totally on trend, costs more than I (and most of my friends) make in a month. But thanks for letting me gaze longingly at you.

This is from " Weekend in Scotland."

When I traveled to Scotland I drank too many pints and snogged guys who's brogue I couldn't understand. While most of the pictures I took were of the morning after pills they sold in bar bathrooms, I did manage to take a few of the castle and some other old stuff. Not our girl CheBleu, the only pictures she took were herself. And fauna?

and a squirrel.

If only Rosetta stone offered courses for people who want to learn how to speak French and become beautifully self involved.

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  1. This blog is new to me. I'll have to add it to my oh lordy google reader list. It's obsession-worthy.