Friday, October 22, 2010

PSA Friday: Vintage is a gateway drug

It's like they taught us in D.A.R.E., once you experience high of a super edgy fashion shoot for your blog, you'll keep trying to get it back for the rest of your life.

It starts with a cheeky little vintage dress.

Then you start experimenting with the "harder" stuff aka artsy black and white shots

Suddenly you're doing things that you swore you'd never do, you're throwing on leopard ears like it's no big thing.

And the next thing you know your family is planning an intervention because you are the fashion blog girl with antlers on her head.

The more you know.

All photos are of the very gorgeous Shareen from Vintage Mavens.


  1. Lol--she goes for it and, lucky girl, has the face to pull it off.

  2. For reals. It's really the rest of us that should take heed.

  3. LOL. Funny... but she does look adorable.

  4. missing your fab posts lady! in serious need of some eye candy right about now.

  5. I'm sharing your blog with my readers because I love it so much. Thanks for the shout out lady. xoxo.