Monday, October 18, 2010

Just a typical lunch on the run!

I told a few friends about this new blog idea of mine and asked them to send me the blogs they can't stop compulsively reading while also battling suicidal thoughts. The response was unanimous: Cupcakes and Cashmere. After perusing the blog, I have no idea what they are being so insecure about. This outfit is totally like the yoga pants and hoodie sweatshirt I wear when I pop out of my house for lunch...

Except I don't even do that because I work from home, have very few actual designers duds and am constantly broke.

I feel like I could write tombs about Emily from Cupcakes. While her pictures are like mouthfuls of frosting for my brain, when you stop and think about it her blog is really kind of weird. Her days must revolve around waking up, styling her "beachy waves" and deciding what designer shirt goes with which forever 21 headband. Then she has to scout a location and do a photo shoot with her boyfriend. "Darling, I know you are swamped at work but today's cloud cover goes perfectly with my Elizabeth and James tunic. I'll need you to meet me in front of Tom's Burgers. No time for lunch but you can sustain yourself with the satisfaction that your woman can wear muppet fringe with a straight face. We're so in love! Get a close up of my crotch!!!"

Or maybe he's happy to oblige her with photos because he is smug that he landed the one girl in America who somehow looks cute ALL OF THE TIME. Like even on a moving day!

I wish I had a photo of myself to compare and contrast except I don't because I am a sweaty, dirty mess when I move. NO ONE (especially not my boyfriend) would be even remotely tempted to photograph me in that state. And that's why thanks to good ol' SweaterCups, the next time I'm cleaning my house, I vow to dust while wearing lipstick and a bumpit.

Or maybe I should just vow to dust.


  1. I LOVE this! I always always wonder what her bf thinks following her around with a camera all the time.

  2. Thanks S! Glad I'm not the only one wanting to know what really happens behind the scenes at her "photo shoots."

  3. haha! i, too, am most fascinated by the fact that there are near-daily photo shoots.

  4. I wish my most important decision of the day was what texture goes with the cool weather.

    Also, I am so sick of bumpits (although it's sometimes fun to play spot-the-bumpit), whose sickness has scourged all strata of the socioeconomic table.

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  6. Nice! I like the outfits, the shoes, and the writing. :)