Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pretty as a picture...

I'm sure it's easy to guess how I feel about street style blogs; not only am I intimidated by what some gals can afford to put on their bodies, I'm also floored by the idea that a person could be seen out running errands, looking that good. Sure I can throw on a pair of cute (but uncomfortable) shoes for a party, but to traverse around the East Village? I'm usually the asshole in sneakers. This is all a long winded introduction to Miss Moss, which I am totally intimidated by.

Not only does it feature chic gals-about-town wearing high waisted pants that I could never pull off, but sometimes it beautifully pairs them with corresponding artistic images. Smart and glossy! Double blog whammy!

It kills me how good Diana is at this and how extensive her art knowledge must be. My only saving grace is that these aren't pictures of her, though she too is very pretty. Can you imagine if Sweatercups did this? I'd literally put a gun to my head.

Trying to make myself feel better, I wanted to figure out what painting I could be featured with. But because I only minored in art history, this is the best I could do:

Someone please hand me a gun.

Photo credits:
1. citizen couture / cecilio pla y gallardo
2. citizen couture / edgar degas
3.stockholm street style / henri de toulouse-lautrec4.
4. me/alice neel


  1. I LOVE Miss Moss's fashion-to-art posts. I just discovered them and will be featuring them in my post on Friday. She has a killer eye.

    As for traipsing around the east village in heels, well, you got me, I'm good in my flat frye mocs : ) I don't know how those ladies do it.

  2. i really like that picture of you, so pretty, no guns k