Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thanks to this apartment, I now need therapy

I read this post a few days ago and it's been haunting me ever since. On any given day Apartment Therapy is intimidating, but this particular home tour really messed with my head. I think it's the way the author framed it:

"A few weeks ago I was hanging out with some friends at the building across the street from Il Borghese. I was admiring the building and told one of my friends that I would love to see the inside of one of the units. I had no idea that my friend, Bill, would actually approach someone coming out of the building, which would lead me to meeting Kristin. Il Borghese and Kristin's apartment did not disappoint!"

Wait, stop right there... You're telling me it's now kosher for strangers to approach one another on the street and ask to see their interiors? I'm just getting to the point where I shower before running my errands, my house is certainly not ready for unexpected photo shoots!

Here's just a smattering of what they saw at Kristen's house:

Kristin's dining room

Kristin's bedroom

Kristin's bath

And here's what they would see in mine if they rang my door bell today:

My dining room

And you know what? It's normally messier. (The table cloth is paper and left over from a bridal shower I hosted 3 weeks ago.)

My bedroom

Does a cute dog make up for the fact that I forgot to make the bed?

My bath

It's pretty when the cabinet is closed... which let's be honest... is never.

"Fuck it" indeed Kristen. "Fuck it" indeed.


  1. Nice place!

  2. your dog totally beats that lady's overweight corgi. just sayin'.

  3. Why are all Corgi's fat? Are they the menopausal woman of dog breeds?

  4. Kristen is probably very nice, well groomed, and a great person. I hate her.

  5. I like yours better. Swear. I don't understand why people need 6 pillows.