Monday, November 8, 2010

Scary new dating trends

You know what's worse than being single for the first time in 6 1/2 years? Reading about a beautiful happy couple and their ability to dedicate a whole weekend to each other and Bah Mi. So you can understand why I visibly flinched when I came across this blog today. Not only is Liz pretty enough to pull off a Native American blanket/sequin mini combo, she also just "dedicated another weekend to searching out new eateries around the city." Just her, that sweater, her man and some baklava.

Can someone tell me why more and more guys seem quite happy to spend the weekend taking pictures of their pretty girlfriends with fashion blogs? Is this a thing I missed by not being on the dating scene for a while? At what point in the courtship does a gal say, "Honey, this weekend we'll go for walk, grab a glass of wine and then take 300 fashion street shots of me in my Marni?" Or is more of a bargaining technique? "Yes babe, I will go see Jackass 3D with you but only if you shoot this vintage inspired pictorial first." How do these girls find boyfriends who happen to be skilled photographers? Is there a box to check for it on Match? A board on Craigslist? Does he pick her up at the Barney's sample sale? How do these soul mates meet?!!!

Being single is weird.


  1. Ahhahaha I love this post you made me laugh ;) I like you attitude!

  2. On the other hand, in less than 10 years, her beauty will likely have faded. In the same context, she'd be wearing a rug.