Friday, November 12, 2010

Can I be a Mrs. today?

OK I have a confession. I want to be a Mrs. Not because I am in love or entering the last decade in my life where it's safe to have babies. Nope, I want to be fabulous and married because of this blog. I"ll admit, I really don't even understand the point of Mrs. Lilien's epic collages besides making us mortals feel incredibly dowdy and un-fabulous. Everything she posts is an array of vintage inspired, perfectly lux, and totally chic. Her images are complete throw backs to the 50's and 60's and make me want to burn my denim collection and only wear A line dresses and pearls. It also reminds me of the time in college when I tried to work "swell" into my daily vocabulary until my roommate told me I sounded like an asshole. I still mourn for that word.

Here's just a smattering of what I can't stop thinking about:

Mrs. Sunday- because how fabulous would life be if you actually read the paper with a monocle? Or even still read the paper?

And what if the the only thing you worried about when giving presents was how perfectly it represented the receiver. Not how much it cost? Life is grand when you don't have a budget and a house with a gift closet!
And how great would you feel about yourself if you ever looked this fabulous (and happy) while grocery shopping? Weeee balsamic vinegar! Life is grand!

Did I mention all of her descriptions rhyme? Seriously, it's so intimidating.


  1. Well, since I won't be gaining a gift closet or shopping in a gown anytime soon, let's make ourselves feel better by mocking her poor writing skills:

    "Why not celebrate the daily mundane - make magnificent of what is usually rather lame - by glorifying the conventional with little to no restrain."

    "Mundane" and "restrain": not nouns! Neither one actually rhymes with "lame"! Unnecessary inclusion of an "of"!

    I feel slightly better.

  2. "Life is grand when you don't have a budget and a house with a gift closet!" YES!

  3. Halie, I didn't know you had this blog. And I didn't know your byline spoke words I've never dared utter on my own. I'm convinced that blogs, if they're not giving you great recipes, exist to make people insecure. And by the way...I think you're swell. Just peachy keen, doll.

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  5. Golly gee, you all are the bee's knees!

  6. Erin, you have a good point... a blog is just an entry in a popularity contest, right?