Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Driven to drink

Remember Kath, the nutritional yeast loving "dietitian" that started it all? Well I didn't think her blog could make me feel any worse about myself and my frozen yogurt for dinner habit until I read this post. Kath is currently vacationing in Sonoma but instead of blogging about all the wine she's drinking (what I/most plebeians would have done), she's declard this as her "drink of the week:"
Cafe au Lait!!!! I myself would have picked something from the Chardonnay family, but I think by now we all know that Kath and I are not cut from the same cloth. To add insult to injury Kath also posted photos of the herself after the 4.3 mile run she took. And look how self satisfied she looks:

When I go wine tasting, it looks more like this:

Note that while I too look smug, I also appear to be cockeyed. I guess that because when in wine country I aim to over-consume wine. Call me an alcoholic.

I really took this last photo from her post personally. It's like she's boasting her piousness and sobriety in front of me while I dry heave into the toilet.

Kath! I get it! You're healthier/better/less drunk than me. But for the love of God, get off that stump and start swinging some Pinot!

Now can someone hold my hair?


  1. hilarious! love the photo : )
    I'm also scared I'm a Kath...though I would NEVER take a picture like hers!