Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shot through the heart and they're to blame...

I remember back in college I had a girlfriend who moved in with her rich, handsome and slightly older bf. Their place was beautiful; crown molding, high ceilings and hard wood floors. She was the first of my friends to shack up and I was in awe of her domestic bliss. I also embarrassed to remember being totally obsessed with the photos they had of themselves that decorated the place. Many were framed and black and white. Some looked post coital. In each they both looked gorgeous, happy and so freaking in love. I vowed then and there that some day I too would find a boyfriend (who was tall enough for me to date), and who would also make me look like a fucking supermodel in photos that featured us kissing.

10 years later, I'm sad to report that while I found the tall men, I never got the photos. And even though now I know it's kind of gouache and regular dudes don't want to take these photos, I still secretly wish I could find lover who longed to make out with me on camera. This coupled with my more than an ironic love for Lifetime movies and my obsession with cheap Chardonnay proves that there are large parts to my womanhood that I'm just not proud of.

With all that noted, I'm sure you can understand why these photos affected me so deeply.

This couple doesn't even care that there's a wedding going on around them, their urge to kiss is too great! Help, I'm being reduced back to my 20 year old self.

I'm trying to be rational and tell myself these are not normal "first look" photos. I've think been a part of enough weddings to know that most people do not look this blissful/relaxed a half hour before the nuptials, right? But honestly, are these two going to consummate their nuptials BEFORE the ceremony?

I hate them for looking so blissfully happy but am also impressed that their love is somehow strong enough to absorb any stress that other less in love people might have been feeling just moments before the big event.

Or maybe this guy is a photographic genius. I just can't tell any more. You guys, am I crazy to still be envious of photos like these or are they too much? Please advise.


  1. Ok yes those photos are gorge. BUT did you notice in one the dude is in the BATHTUB?? That's a little weird. And, I'm sorry, as pretty as the picture is, no one at your wedding wants to see you making out in bed. Ew. Think of Grandma, people! Don't worry, someday you'll be able to use your wedding as an excuse to showcase your vanity too. Don't be jealous of their dirty bathtub love.

  2. I think these are totally cute... but I would be super-weirded-out if a friend had such photos all over their apartment (no matter how chic).